Batang Ai Sunset

When I was lucky enough to move to Borneo and call it home for over 5 years, I had no idea how much I would fall in love, particularly with its beauty and its inhabitants. The people of Borneo are some of the friendliest I have ever experienced, and the animals and so wonderfully diverse and varied. As a Tour Leader, I was able to share these experiences with many travellers who all proclaimed it was a destination like no other. I was often frustrated by not having the power or flexibility to be able to tweak each tour as necessary and year after year my suggestions to improve the itinerary were ignored, and thus the dream of one day running my own tours began.

People ask me all the time, Why Borneo?, and so many reasons come to mind I struggle finding where to start. I quickly learn the next questions is, Where is Borneo? which amazes me as it is so close to Australia and many Aussies don’t know where it is! The British have a very close link with Borneo when the James Brooke sailed into Kuching and became the first White Rajah of Sarawak and Australia has close ties during WW2 where many were captured and sent there as prisoners of war. When I mention Brunei most people know the Sultan of Brunei but get it confused with Dubai (sounds similar right?) but it’s a jungle in Brunei, not desert.

In short, though this is why:

  • It’s green and tropical so looks beautiful
  • There are 4 major ethnic tribes (including head-hunters) and many smaller groups
  • A cultural melting pot meaning great diverse food!
  • It’s warm all year round, it’s only the amount of rain that changes
  • Ancient Rainforests
  • The Orang-utans!
  • Pigmy Elephants
  • Proboscis Monkeys
  • Borneo Gibbons
  • Black Rhino
  • Loads of other monkeys
  • Over 450 species of birds (including Hornbills)
  • Approximately 150 species of butterflies (commonly seen)
  • South East Asia’s Highest Mountain, Mt Kinabalu which you can climb!
  • Best Dive and snorkelling locations in the world!
  • Largest cave systems in the world
  • It’s cheap!
  • It’s outside of the cyclone belt, so no cyclones, hurricanes or typhoons
  • Miles of untouched beaches
  • World class golf courses
  • Amazing Sunsets

Shall I go on?….